The book cover is based off the novel The Bargaining by Carly Anne West; it is filled with quotes that shares the theme of the thrilling adventures of the protagonist, Penny. This novel is about Penny and her stepmother April needing to repair an abandoned house known as the Carver House. This house is set deep in the forest of the North Woods where haunting memories and secrets are revealed. The theme of the story is to make things right when you get the chance, don’t dwell on the past and live in regrets. In the story, Penny has myriad regrets in life; letting an innocent girl get beaten up for something she didn’t do, choosing to be Rae’s friend then causing internal pain. These memories haunted Penny, made her see things and hear whispers calling her name in the woods; getting herself stuck in a hole of guilt and fear. So by musing over the past won’t change anything, the only way is to make things right because it’s never too late. *Spoiler alert Penny soon learnt this lesson as written letters and reappearing hallucination begins to appear.

The book cover I created was made on the website Canva. For the cover, I used a picture of a forest as the background because the most of the story is set in the North Woods and this information is vital. This was where the theme starts to unravel and where Penny’s thrilling adventures begins and ends. The locks I added to the branches of trees portrays the hidden secrets that each character withholds, then adding the phrase “The secrets behind the Carver House” shows that the main situation that needed to be solved was the history behind the house. The selected quotes are phrases from the novel about the relationship between Penny and Rae. The quotes also represent the theme of regret and guilt which are also the conflicts Penny encounters throughout the captivating novel.

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