Characterization in “The Rules of the Game”


Waverly is brave and she was in fact brave enough to run away from her mother, another stunning thing was that she had to bravery to return and face her parents. In the story “The Rules of the Game” Amy Tan made her character come alive with her use of description and characterization. she and I are not so alike.


Waverly never liked her mother’s attitude, but finally she said to her mother: “‘Why do you have to use me to show off? If you want to show off, then why don’t you learn to play chess?’” (Tan 9). This shows the difference between Waverly and her mother. Even if Waverly was the national chess champion, she remained humble and she never brags. Her mother, however, was bragging to everyone, even if it was not her achievement. Earlier she told Vincent to throw the chess set away, “‘She not want it. We not want it.’ She tossed her head stiffly to the side with a tight, proud smile”. (4) If the brothers listened to her, then Waverly would have never become the national chess champion. Therefore, we can see the significant difference in personality; the real champion remains humble, while the person who tried to stop her tries to take credit for her wins. This causes Waverly to be frustrated by her mother. Thus, creating a conflict: Man vs Man. Where Waverly has to face her mother’s attitude. This can tear the character apart, causing internal conflict. Which is also be Man Vs Self. She has to choose to listen to her morals or to her mother.  The fact the we all have went through this is certain, but we wouldn’t go and run away from home. We might be angry, maybe even for days, but in the end, we wouldn’t take it to the extreme level of running away, we would probably forgive them.


Vincent, Waverly’s brother thinks that Waverly is annoying, he said, “Why is the sky blue? Why must you ask stupid questions?” This shows that her brother also thinks she is stupid. \

Internal Conflict. It’s the bass or the girl.

My found poem was based off  “The bass, the river and Sheila Mant” on pages 3 and 4. The author of the book is W.D. Wetherell. In my poem, the narrator struggles as he is forced to choose between the biggest bass he’s ever caught, or the girl he loves. This is internal conflict, this choice will determine his fate. The artwork for my found poem supports the poem because the artwork shows a broken heart, a heart split into two, and that was when the protagonist had to make the choice.