Internal Conflict. It’s the bass or the girl.

My found poem was based off  “The bass, the river and Sheila Mant” on pages 3 and 4. The author of the book is W.D. Wetherell. In my poem, the narrator struggles as he is forced to choose between the biggest bass he’s ever caught, or the girl he loves. This is internal conflict, this choice will determine his fate. The artwork for my found poem supports the poem because the artwork shows a broken heart, a heart split into two, and that was when the protagonist had to make the choice.

The billion dollar bomber


The US is about to spend billions of dollars to build a top-secret war plane.

Experts disagree as to whether the bomber is necessary for the country’s defense or a huge waste of money. It could end up being one of the most expensive warplanes in U.S. history.

The Air Force will make the final decision regarding the  building of the plane. Air Force officials claimed that they need the bomber for high level military purpose. It would fly so secretly that it could avoid being detected by the most advanced radar of US’s enemies. The warplane would eventually be able to carry nuclear weapons. The plane can also fly a very long distance without replishing the fuel so that the Air Force can hit an enmey far far away form the base and homeland. Officials said they want to fly it with remote controls as a drone. Last month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the new bomber was of life and death importance. “I think the Long-Range Strike Bomber is absolutely essential,” he said.

I think that if this plane is to be succesful and put into a large production, this shall cause the US to have a huge advantage over the enemy during a war, I have been wondering why the US want to build a such expensive overpowered  weapon. I have a couple of theories:

Theory 1: The US just made it as a warning to other countries; “Beware, we are very powerful!”

Theory 2: The US may be preparing for a war against a country, otherwise, why else would they have a overpowered weapon?

Other information are classified as top secret…