Our goal for OneDay is to try out and test DIYS we see on the internet.
I learned that whenever I do DIYS, I should leave some time at the end for cleanup, as we made a huge mess at the end of each project and spend a lot of time cleaning up. What went well was that our projects weren’t that bad, and we had enough footage, so our video ended up being both educational and interesting.

If I were to do this again, I would do some set-up beforehand, like taking the cotton out of the cosmetic puffs. Also, I would’ve probably had a tray to do all the DIYs on, so we would’ve made less of a mess, and it would’e been easier to clean up.

What happened was in the morning we set up our projects, but that took longer than imagined, as we didn’t think we’d need that much preparation. After half an hour, we started making the EOS contour and highlight, and that took until break. After break, we finished three of our DIYs (stress ball, lip scrub, slime). We made a huge mess — if we were more careful or had a tray of some sort, we might’ve started on our fifth DIY. After lunch, we made our galaxy jar, but that took a while as we didn’t have cotton balls and had to take out the cotton in cosmetic puffs. Finally, we filmed our introduction, conclusion, and us testing out DIYs.

Overall, I’d say this was a pretty successful OneDay, because even though we made a huge mess and didn’t get as far as we imagined, we did finish all our projects. It was also extremely fun.

The EOS contour and highlight credit goes out to Milana Coco who thought of the whole idea, and Natalies Outlet who tweaked the recipe to make it better. The slime credit goes to @slimetutorials101 on Instagram.

(our video refused to upload, so when it does, I’ll embed it into this blog post)