1. A photo of me:

2. Something to remember me by: Always being super early to class (except for the times I’m really late)

3. Where I’m going next year: Vanderbilt University in the US! It’s in Tennessee so I’m getting ready for a lot of country music 🙂

4. One takeaway from this class + advice for juniors: I (and anyone) can improve at a subject if they try hard enough! I didn’t do well in the class at the start of last year, but slowly as I did more practice, my grades + analysis skills just improved naturally. It really boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself as a learner.

5. One favorite memory: This would probably the big group projects because I got to interact with my classmates and listen to their opinions and perspectives on texts we were studying.

6. One memorable text we studied: The Odyssey — I didn’t really expect myself to enjoy it because I don’t USUALLY enjoy the classics (really long and drawn out storylines, unnecessarily complex use of language, etc.) but this epic was super interesting and I could relate some of the mini-stories to things I’ve seen in pop culture, like Calypso or the Land of the Lotus Eaters.