The Tumblr blog oceansandwine documents the thoughts of characters in books 9-12 of The Odyssey. The blog mimics a type of blog popular in the mid-2010s, where cheesy text is paired with an aesthetic photo. This blog aims to explore the motif of the beautiful tragedy through analyzing the imperfections of characters, while simultaneously satirizing middle schoolers and their poetry blogs.


The main techniques used in this blog are spacing and minimalism, something very typical of Tumblr poetry blogs. The structure is simple, with a calming picture followed by text. The photos utilize spacing between objects, which draws focus on the main object in the photo, and the writing is split up into many lines. The use of minimalism makes the blog more aesthetically and visually pleasing — the blog is not too busy and retains audiences’ attention with its simplicity.


The pictures are barely related to the to the topic of the post; for example, the post about Odysseus’ crew on Helios’ island is paired with a photo of cows and flowers. This emphasizes the focus on glory and public image by both characters in The Odyssey and Generation Z users of the blogs — although they are going through a lot of hardships, they would prefer to paint a beautifully tragic façade rather than show the ugly truth. The text is split up into lines to mimic the character’s ebb and flow when speaking, and it only uses lower-case capitalization to make the posts seem raw and reflective of the characters’ thoughts — strict capitalization can often make poetry seem edited and fake. The use of multiple lines and lower-case emphasize that the writing is what the characters truly believe, underneath all the romanticized stories the bards may recount. It shows the characters’ inner-most, embarrassing thoughts.


Word count: 295