Analysis of the Bipolar “monster”:

  • contrasting colors of orange and blue showing the two opposing “consciousnesses”
  • colors symbolize the different states too — orange symbolizes mania, while blue symbolizes the low and depressive state
  • blue and orange swirl to meet in the middle, showing how the two opposing states interact
  • the whole page looks like it’s taken out of an encyclopedia-type book of monsters
  • diction used is also typical of an encyclopedia page describing animals — very elevated language
  • the font is very fantastical and mystical, reminiscent of, for example, Harry Potter — this makes the whole disorder look less intimidating and more approachable, and helps eliminate part of the stigma associated
  • the monster itself has features of a small, quick animal — rabbit feet, seemingly small size; symbolizes the “quick” and “agile” nature of the disorder