90 Second Newbery Script

Script / screenwriters:  William, Ela, Kevin, Joanne, and Vivian
STANLEY (CAVEMAN) 25 lines– William
POLICE 1 line– Vivian
ELYA (great-great-grandfather) 7 lines– David
MADAME ZERONI 6 lines– Ela
ZERO (HECTOR ZERONI) 11 linesPhilip
MR. SIR  4 lines– Eric
MR. PENSANSKI 1 lineKevin
THE WARDEN 2 lines– Vivian
MYRA 0 lines– Ela
BUS DRIVER 1 lines– Kevin
BUS GUARD 2 lines– Ela
BOYS(X-RAY, ZIG-ZAG, ARMPIT, TWITCH, SQUID, MAGNET) 5 lines-Boys in our class
JUDGE 2 lines-Joanne
PROPS: shovels, shoes, pig, bus, truck, gold tube, treasure(chest), notebook(wet), yellow spotted lizards
1: (Mr. Sir)This ain’t girl scouts!”
2: (Madame Zeroni)“She’s ike a flower pot, as pretty as the flower, and as dumb as the pot.”
3: (Stanley) “Wrong place at the wrong time!”
4: (Stanley) “If it’s not for my no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.”
5: (The Warden) “Excuse me. (very exasperated)
(Stanley is walking on a street(dirty) with a wet notebook, Stanley’s tired)
STANLEY: (walking to the right of the street, thinking to self) Why did Derrick have to shove my notebook down the toilet? (grumbles) Pick on someone your own size…
(Stanley under bridge-zoom in on shoes falling-falls on Stanley’s head)
STANLEY: OW! That really hurt! (looks close) This is a shoe! My father would be so proud!(runs to the right)
POLICE: (driving to the left of the set) Hey, why are you running? Are you in trouble? (looks at shoes) Aren’t those Clyde Livingston’s shoes? You’re coming with me, boy.
(In court, judge looking angry, Stanley looking sad)
JUDGE: Guilty! He cleary stole Clyde Livingston’s shoes for money, they costed more than 5 thousand dollars!
(Uneasy movement in crowd)
JUDGE: (Voice softens) I will give you a choice, though. Stanley may go to jail, or you can go to…Camp Green Lake.
STANLEY:  Well, I’ve never been to camp…
Scene yellow(effect)-Flashback-Madame Zeronis tent*
ELYA: (Entering tent)Are you there, Madame Zeroni?
MADAME ZERONI: Elya, whats the problem?
ELYA: I’m in love with Myra.
MADAME ZERONI: Why are you in love with that girl? Her brain is empty.
ELYA: She’s beautiful.
MADAME ZERONI: Yes, but she is not smart. She cannot choose for herself. Thats why she is like a flowerpot, as pretty as the flower, and her brain is as empty as the pot. She’s useless! (spits on the ground)
ELYA: What should I do now, Madame Zeroni?
MADAME ZERONI: (sigh) I will help you. (Walks Elya to her backyard) See my piglet? Carry it up the mountain everyday, let it drink from the stream, and sing the pig lullaby to it. Day by day, it will grow bigger, and it will be finer than all pigs there.
ELYA: (Elya takes the piglet) Thank you, Madame Zeroni.
MADAME ZERONI: But I want you to do one thing for me.
ELYA: Anything, Madame Zeroni.
MADAME ZERONI: After you’re done, carry me up the mountain, let me drink from the stream and sing me thepig lullaby. If you fail the task, your generation will be cursed.
ELYA: (staring at Madame Zeroni) I promise.
Shows time passing,  Elya carrying the pig up the moutain everyday and singing to it as it drinks from the stream. 
On the day of Myra’s fifteenth birthday
MADAME ZERONI: You will need to carry the pig up the mountain today as well.
ELYA: (joking) Of course. 
Myra shrugging, Elya walking away sadly
Elya soon on a boat
On the bus to Camp Green lake, Stanley is hot and tired
STANLEY: (handcuffed on the bus, thinking to self) It’s so hot! Where am I going? Probaly not a good place since I’ve done something bad… But I didn’t do anything bad!
A lot of time passes, Stanley sweaty and bored
BUS DRIVER: (wiping sweat, announcing loudly) Welcome to Camp Green Lake!
BUS GUARD: (unlocking Stanley’s handcuff, takes Stanley down the bus)
MR. SIR: (chewing a handful of sunflower seeds, looks at guard)Thanks for sending him here.
BUS GUARD: (grumbles) 9 hours here, and now 9 hours back. (goes back)
MR. SIR: (looks in Stanley’s bag) Are you ready to meet your camp-mates and your counselor?
STANLEY: Yes, sir.
MR.SIR: Call me Mr. Sir. Remember, this ain’t girl scout camp.
They walk to tent D.
MR.PENDANSKI: Hey there, Stanley. I’m Mr. Pendanski. (points to bed) You’re assigned to this bed. You wake up at 4:00am to dig holes. If you find anything interesting, the Warden would like to know. If she likes it, then you get the whole day off.
Setting: dried out lake, (camp green lake)
Feelings: hot, tired , hurt, scared
Stanley grabs a shovle and walks to digging space with other boys
STANLEY THINKING: The first hole is probaly the hardest. (puts shovel into ground and starts to dig)
Stanley looks tired, hungry and thirsty, Stanley looks at his hand, has blisters and bleeding
STANLEY: I’m always at the wrong place at the wrong time.(Sigh)
Done digging hole
STANLEY:If this wasnt for my no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.(deep breather, and rolls eye)
STANLEY: (Walks back)I’m so tired. (can barely breathe and walk, leaning on shovel)
Stanley walks in to shower room, starts taking shower
STANLEY: The water is freezing!
Before hes done water stops
STANLEY THINKING: This is how life is at camp green lake? How am I going to survive? (Sighs, is angry and dazed)
(In the tent, Stanley writing letter to mom)
STANLEY: (Thinks to self/aloud)I don’t want mom to worry about me… (continues writing)
ZERO: (peeks over shoulder)
STANLEY: (Grumble) I don’t like people reading over my shoulder, ok? (Keeps writing)
ZERO: I don’t know how… can you teach me, how to read and write?
STANLEY: (Pause, shocked) Okay..
After digging, in the Wreck Room
STANLEY: Do you know the alphabet?
ZERO: Some of it. A, b, c, d, e…
ZERO: G, i, k?
STANLEY: G, h, i ,j ,k.
(Zero is getting agitated)
STANLEY: (sings the alphabet)
ZERO: (Sings back- no mistake)
STANLEY: That was quick! You’re smart!
ZERO: You know that my real name is not Zero?
STANLEY: What? (looks interested)
ZERO: It’s Hector. Hector Zeroni.
(Fades to the next scene)
Outside camp, boys are walking to the right, X-ray stops Stanley(out on dried lake)
X-RAY: Hey, Caveman. If you find anything interesting, then give it to me. I’ve been here for years. You’ve been here for only a couple of days. So I should be the one who gets a break, shouldn’t I?
STANLEY: Yeah, that seems fair…
Boys out on the lake digging
STANLEY: (Thinking to self) Hey…What’s this?(Picks up Golden Tube) I should give this to X-Ray…
Stanley walks over to X-Ray, other boys crowding around
MAGNET: Hey, whatcha got there? Lemme see!
Stanley ignores
X-RAY: Hey! Whats this? (examines and pockets tube) Thanks, Caveman. I knew I could count on you.
Water Truck/The Warden comes
X-RAY: Look what I found! (runs to The Warden)
THE WARDEN: Hmmm…I like this. X-Ray, you get a rest of the day off and a double shower.
Show X-Ray waving to the others while going back to camp
Zero gets up looking mad, everyone surrounding him(on dreied up lake) where he usualy dig holes
ZERO: I hate digging holes, I’m never digging anothe hole again!!!!(says angry, mad)
Zero runs with only a shovel
Stanley: (Says out loud to camera) I need to help Zero. He have no food, water, nothing. I need to help him.
Stanley glances at water truck
Stanley quickly runs to truck goes on, tries to drive.
MR. SIR: Hey! Stop that truck! (yells to other counselors)
TWITCH: Quick! Put it in gear!!!
Drives truck into hole,Stanley runs away, time passes, Stanley sees boat, walks towardsTired, dirty, somthing rattling in the boat
STANLEY: Hello?(scared)
ZERO: Hey. (Voice is weak and rasp)
STANLEY: Where should we go?
ZERO: We should go to that…thumbs-up mountain.
Stanley and Zero slowly travles to thumb
ZERO:(weak, sick sounds-vomits)
STANLEY: I will carry you up!
Stanley caries Zero while climbling
show time passing
STANLEY: Hey Zero, you wanna dig another hole?
ZERO: Why? (confused)
STANLEY: Just for luck…
Scene 8: Tresure and Mountain – WILLIAM
Stanley trying to dig up tresure with Zero
ZERO: (whisper) Come have some water.
STANLEY: (Surprised)
ZERO: Shut up, do you wanna get caught?
STANLEY: Never mind, it’s your turn to dig.
(After a while of digging) 
ZERO: Oh, look what I found!
STANLEY: I think thats it! Let me dig!
Stanley pulls out a black suitcase
STANLEY: We did it! 
ZERO: Let me see!
Stanley passes suitcase to Zero.
Bright flash (suddenly)
THE WARDEN: (holding flashlight) You boys have been a great help.