FA Data Collection Favourite Sports

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The contrast between boys and girls are not very even because there are only 11 girls and 26 boys.This makes it harder to compare the favorite sports of both genders. However,it is still clear that the favorite sport for 7th grade FA boys is Soccer and the 7th grade FA girls favorite sport is Badminton. I am interested to find my self in the median range as I chose Basketball as my favorite.I was also interested to find some people with 2 favorite sports, which means  some people wasn’t exactly sure what was their favorite sport, so instead they randomly picked one. This could make the results even more uneven. I also noticed that the total amount of girls was almost half of the total amount of boys, and the people that boys that chose soccer as their favorite sport was 6.5, and the girls that chose badminton was 3.5. This is also about half of the amount, this indicates that girls are also as passionate as the boys.