Podcast Script

If you ask the people who established a country, they didn’t start distributing the food, they started by establishing a reliable government. As a doctor and a high character of the economic status, I have witnessed a seen of total uproar in the city while people just took all the properties for them selves. Without government, a neatly organized country could turn into a pandemonium. I concluded from the past historical experience that combining Oligarchy and Democracy would be the best choice for our developing society.

The Chinese government is currently an Oligarchy system; China is successful in many economic ways but some citizens have felt a low contribution to the major decisions. The type of system Demoligarchy however, is that a few representatives from each group of people vote for a group of leaders and the group of leaders makes the decisions. This means that the citizens have a choice to elect leaders they feel that satisfies the conditions of a leader.

A negative effect of democracy is that things get done with low efficiency, decisions usually have to take an argument to reach a conclusion. So as an Oligarchy. The group making decision cannot be argued by people outside the group.

In conclusion, Oligarchy is the best type of government as it is both efficiency and allows citizen contribution.