Reading Response #1

Book: Lockwood & Co.

Description of Assignment: Setting

Assignment: Compare three settings in the novel to three modern day settings and demonstrate how they have affected different characters.

Book: Lockwood & Co The Hollow Boy.

Settings in the novel: London streets, Office, Archives

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
London streets London Streets
·       Covered with ghost lamps, running water, lavender and different defenses.

·       No non-agent ever goes outdoors at night, locations related to dead people are abandoned and unvisited.

·       The only vehicles at night are night cabs.

·       Night watch kids are employed.

·       The society activities are suddenly changed by the addition of ghosts.

·       Main characters are the only people outdoors at night.

·       Residents of London are really affected by ghosts.

·       Kids don’t go to school, they join psychic companies.

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
Office Office
·       Iron and silver defenses.

·       Doubling as the home of the characters.

·       Customers ask for assistance about ghosts.

·       Jobs pose risk of death.

·       DEPRAC is the higher up of these psychic companies.

·       Adults employ kids to help solve psychic problems but the characters run their company by them selves.

·       The office drives the plot by helping establishing a company.

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
Archive Archive
·       The archive keeps data of all the events happening in the past.

·       A record of all articles could be found in the archives.

·       The archives in in a complex building and are sometimes hard to find information.

·       The characters seem to always be able to find important information to drive the plot.

·       Many psychic agencies research in the archives before a case.

·       All characters with some importance has been to the archives.

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