Great Wall Feature Article

As the sun rose, the golden gleam of light showered over the bricks. The peaceful green of the wild mountain seemed to join into the man made structures of the wall. The students of Futures Academy were astonished by the beautiful stone dragon, stretching across the mountains, marvelled by how men could build such a beautiful wall. The Great Wall of China is arguably the best display of the ancient wonders of the world.


Futures Academy students have hiked the steep mountain up to the great wall of China, but their weariness has not brought down their enthusiasm for such a magnificent structure. On this trip, students hoped to learn new knowledge about the great wall to help them on their action project to make a positive impact on a nearby water source.


This part of the Great Wall students visited had a rich history. When the Chinese were attacked by the Mongols, they could not put up a fight to the born fighters in the North. However, even though the Chinese could not compete in fighting, they were more sophisticated; so they built a wall along the west border to defend against the enemies on the other side. The Great wall of China is an ancient shield used to defend the Chinese land against the powerful Mongols. Over the centuries more of the wall was built as the wall stretched through nine different provinces.


“The story of the wall is about the geography, about the land.” William Lindesay, the famous author of many books on the Great Wall, remarked. Over the years, wild sections of the great wall of China have  been engulfed  in vegetation, covering the wall with trees and plants. The course of nature could be clearly observed in this section.


It is predicted that in the next 20 years, areas of the wall will be consumed by nature. Erosion will slowly eat up the bricks and will eventually destroy the wall. William Lindesay is one of the few who preserve the great wall and polish the great wall and save the precious treasures for more generations to come. “Of the tourists that visit the wall, 70% of them leave their trash here.” William Lindesay told us.


When the students of ISB hiked up the mountain, they saw an abundance of trash scattered on the ground, carelessly thrown by irresponsible visitors. Slowly the students trudged along the wild path, placing trash in their stuffed garbage bags. Distantly, a student screamed, her foot slipped down the hill, rocks fell beneath her like an avalanche. “Are you okay?” A fellow students helped her to her feet. As the students made their way back to the opening, the gathered trash stood as tall as a mountain, the students gleamed at their accomplishment. Trash collection is hard work, nowadays, people think that the fresh water supply would be enough for the current generation, making a pointless excuse for non-environmentally friendly behaviour. With the explosion of population growth, usable water has become more and more scarce to the overwhelming need.


“Nitrogen is a huge aspect of water quality.” A student pointed out. As students actively discussed, the students have squeezed their brain trying to come up with an action plan, but they were inspired by the trip, what they have seen gave them new ideas and have extended their thinking and gave them new thoughts for their own projects.


At a last glance of the mountains, students of ISB rode back to continue their journey in the cleansing of the local water ways. Hoping by the end of the unit, they will change something that will add a drop to the bucket.


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Reading Response #3

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Battle of the Labyrinth

Assignment: Create a “word collage” for the novel and explain how these words and phrases contribute to the development of the novel.

“They let my sister die!” Nico’s voice trembled with rage. “They’re here to kill me!”

This phrase spoken by Nico di Angelo drives the plot by showing his rage and grief of losing his sister. The anger he expresses shows the reader his blind hatred towards the world. Though it is later revealed that Nico’s true hatred is actually towards his sister for her abandoning him, evidence of that could somewhat be seen in this dialogue.

It sounded very final, that good-bye. Then he erupted into a column of flame, and the fire moved over the water, heading back to the world outside.

After Hephaestus finished with his solemn conversation with Percy. The author used this phrase to set the tone of how sad and hard this choice is for Percy to make, this dramatic exit of the god signified his greatness and power of his kind. This phrase has driven the scene by concluding the scene and giving the reader further knowledge about the story.


The name pan originally meant “rustic”, though it was changed to “all” over time. The great god pan, is the god of the wild, its power over the wild has grown smaller and smaller due to the human pollution and the seizing of natural locations. Satyrs have dedicated their lives for finding the great Pan believing that he would cure the environment, but Grover discovered that Pan has truly died and Grover has been passed on Pan’s spirit.

Then it happened. Grover opened his mouth, and the most horrible sound I’d ever heard came out. It was like a brass trumpet magnified a thousand times-the sound of pure fear.

Grover has summoned the power of panic, the same power Pan has used to scared away the enemies in the first war, this power is passed on to everyone, warning us that we must act to help the world instead of relying on a godly force to magically remove pollution from the world.

“Yes, my young architect,” Daedalus agreed. ” When I die, the Labyrinth will die as well.

The plot ends with the tragic only solution to the raids at camp, Daedalus’s sacrifice appears to be the only way to stop attacks temporarily and a tragic answer to the question in this book.

Reading Response #2

Book: Lockwood & Co. The Hollow Boy

Assignment: Choose five current events that relate to the themes in the novel. Describe in detail how they relate.


Conflict between colleagues:

In the book, the characters argued because of there conflict of personalities, displaying arguments and disputing. These where also influenced by their desire for a higher position in the company. On April 29, 2016 a man killed his boss with a knife in a conflict between them. This event in real life was an extreme example to the theme in the book.

Cooperation and teamwork:

Recent events of fire fighting are examples of  great team work and cooperation, just like most of the agencies in the book, cooperation and teamwork are huge factors of survival.

Cooperation of companies:

In the book, Lockwood & Co. cooperated with the Fittes team to succeed in the chelsea case similarly to how companies cooperate in real life. For example, Tenzent cooperated with Yahoo China leading to a huge success.

A person’s past:

Someones past is a important part of their identity and defines who they are, events of their past have shaped their lives into what they believe and what they do. This could be related to Lockwood’s motive for doing his job.

Disapproved Ideas/Taboos:

Lucy’s way of communicating with the ghosts and sharing a connection is a disapproved and dangerous way of her work, her ideas have caused danger and risk lives of her friends. In real life, attempts to truce with enemies have caused lives in the history.