Tell Tale Heart Perspective Writing



Reflection: I kept in mind many other examples of second person pieces of literature. I also remembered that the change of perspective is not only changing pronouns to “you” but also adapting the text for the reader to understand more thoroughly.


A different perspective can completely change how the reader interprets a piece of literature. The second person perspective is less effective in terms of expressing thoughts of a character


Imagine this, you wake up in the dead if night wanting to use the bathroom, so you grab your lantern and walk out your bedroom. The grim darkness hovering within the house reminds you of your childhood nightmares so you hurry to the bathroom. After you lock the door and turn off the lights you finally calm down from your irrational frenzy. But BAM! The house trembles with a loud crash followed by a terrifying scream! Your heart beats faster and beads of sweat trickled down your neck. You sprint to your bedroom, your fingers tremble as you dial the police. The line connects followed by an irritated yawn.

“What is it, sir?”

You reply with a voice you hardly recognize, explain the spine-chilling scream. The man calmly reassures you that old men often dream of past tragedies and wake up with an especially loud gasp. You wonder if working overtime is finally getting to your head as you slide back into your covers.

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