Mabel the Boss

The exposition begins with the main protagonist Mabel Pines on a couch with her brother and great-uncle Stan Pines. The story is set in the “Mystery Shack” a tourist attraction located in a mysterious forest. The three are watching a show they are obviously familiar with, the “cash wheel”. This scene illustrates the family friendliness of this story. In the next scene the film makers uses consecutive examples of Stan’s insatiable greed, perfect examples are displayed to show Stan’s complete disregarded for making honest money, adults watching this episode could interpret this as the lack of genuine businessmen in our current economy. The protagonist Mabel refers to her grand uncle as “gruncle” a childish cute term that reflects her character as a innocent blissful child. Mabel disputes with Stan about his fraudulent products and unreasonable pricing, Mabel then expresses her belief in encouragement and the word “please”. Mabel continues and makes a bet with Stan, her concrete goal or desire is to earn more money than Stan would on his vacation in 72 hours. This conflict goes together with the dramatic question which is whether Mabel or Stan would earn more money. Mabel starts off strong by encouraging her employees to make their own decisions, but giving them such freedom is a massive distraction from the job. Many obstacles arise as she struggles to earn enough money to surpass Stan. At the climax, she realizes that only way to earn money is to push her employees and act like Stan did before. The falling action is a montage of the mystery shack fixing the tourist trap and paying back property damage. The conflict is resolved as Stan loses to Mabel by 1 dollar and accepts his loss.

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