Week 2 of Passion Project

This week of Passion Project I continued to explore with making music by actually trying to make music. I experimented with instruments, chord progression and different melodic ideas. I found some videos on how to make music and how most music is similar. An interesting video I found was this video which explained that much of music is formed by taking apart and reassembling parts of music from before.

I Also found videos of creators on youtube who take suggestions from others and are able to just make original music from this.

This is one of those videos.

I have decided from this week that I want to create music as much as possible and learn as much as I can about music making. I want to be able to make music when asked to. I also want to learn more about my “simple instrument” – guitar and how to different ways to use my guitar in different genres of music making.

Goal: By the end of the year, I will have the ability to make music on demand, the music will be mostly pop-ish and have an obvious theme. I will present my improvement by posting my music as an album or singles on platforms such as youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify.


I am certain I want to continue making music and improving this ability. However, I might change how I will present it.

Week 1 of Passion Project

Passion project just started, and I am not sure what I plan to do. While I have a general direction to pursue, music, I am still very unsure as to how specifically I will continue with this project.

I started digging on the youtube and how others have pursued music. One specific individual I follow is John Cozart or PAINT. This is one of his more recent works.

I was inspired by his ability to write such a simple yet beautiful song with simply a ukelele. I want to do something similar to this, though lyric writing is not my strongest suit, I realized my ultimate goal in this passion project is to be able to ultimately write songs for anything with simple instruments. I guess that I am more interested in the writing part of music and not necessarily the production part.

I did more digging and found more artists I liked such as Bo Burnham, Owen Cambell, Rhett and Link, Cavetown and many others. Artists who wrote original music and were able to perform and share them without heavy advertisement and production.

Once again I have decided I simply want the ability to write music when I wish to and maybe to perform them. Which crosses out options such as covering other artists are remixing. I have not completely crossed out doing a little electronic music, even though I enjoy being able to perform with more simple instruments, being able to mix my music seems like an important skill.

In the end I still wasn’t able to completely come to a decision, but I have definitely narrowed my direction.