Week 8 of Passion Project

This week was quite an unproductive week. Many school projects were due, and I had a talent show on Friday.

However, I did spend some time at home fooling around with my guitar, and I made a little riff I like with it.

The loop can be found here:

I tried to make this rock-ish, I was too lazy to make a drumbeat with the software instruments, so I made used my pick to strum muted strings to create a percussive rhythm. I liked this better than an actual beat because it adds a unique feel to the song. The bass part is meant to be done with vocals, like the beginning of an AC/DC concert, but this chaotic week didn’t allow me to get a proper recording.

In the next week, I need to work harder to make up for this week. I plan to do some studying about melody; I keep having some problems with writing melody after getting some other part.

I mentioned earlier that a reason this week was unproductive was that of my talent show performance. I sang “Let Her Go” by Passenger, the singing I guess is somewhat related to my project.

Here is my performance:



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