Week 9 of Passion Project

This week I realized that I have too many abandoned ideas,

Scrapped beats, abandoned loops, melodies I couldn’t put together with anything else… I got tired of not being able to finish something completely, so I abandoned the structure and just put together a song with some ideas.


This song has one recurring loop, and I just added some ideas on to it. The song has no chorus or verse, it is just ideas that fit.

Three different parts that don’t even feel exactly the same, they just simply fit under the same loop. To my surprise, this actually ended up as a satisfactory song. I still believe that individually, these three ideas could be fully developed into songs that are better apart. In the future, I will first study and see how other musicians develop a central melody in their song. Songs like Walk like an Egyptian or Darude sandstorm, I want to see how others change from verse to chorus. I will also try to go back to my pile of abandoned ideas and see if I can shape them into something complete.

This video I found is interesting.

I also realized that because this song ended up somewhat fine, maybe it is fine to ditch the song structure sometimes. Songs like Bohemian Rhapsody also don’t have that concrete of a structure so I will keep in mind in the future that I don’t always have to stick to the books.

I’ve realized that my goal has not been clearly stated in my reflections. My goal has always to make music.

Songwriting is quite a new skill for me so, during this semester, I have been trying different ways to create music and is better each week, I will eventually create a song to demonstrate my grown competence in songwriting and present it. Even though my goal is not that concrete, I believe I am making progress in becoming a better song writer.

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