Final Reflection for Passion Project Semester

This semester I worked on writing music. A completely new skill which I have always wanted to approach because of my familiarity with music and love for music.

I play guitar so I wrote a lot of ideas just with a guitar and singing. But I soon realized I need more instrument, layers and variety. That’s when I found digital musical software. My friend gave me logic pro x, a software where I can easily add in midi or recorded instruments and layer them together. It’s a great software, such a good way to record and put together ideas.

Logic Pro X is my platform for writing music, I’ve tried to make different types of music, electronic, rock, pop, even some orchestral. I’m still dabbling in different genres of music, even now, I’m still making different types of music. Unsure if I will settle into one genre.

Throughout this semester, I was never sure if I was making progress. It became common that I would make something, not like it, and throw it away. The first moment where I felt like I was making progress was when I made this

This was the first ever song I was satisfied with. I was unsure why I liked it even though it was so easy to make. I also knew I don’t want to be a producer. I tried to make something I liked but couldn’t, so why this song is “good” remained a mystery for me.

Until I asked Mr Long about music, where he told me that electronic music was very minimalistic, which is why my easy song was good. He also talked more to me about tonality and central idea. I realized around this time that I was getting better.

Even though I was more busy with schoolwork after this time, I became more able to put together full songs and actually make things. I was quite satisfied with this one, which is literally just random ideas that fit together.


My final Project is here,

This song was written to be performed.

I structured the song based on this, I wanted a Cello and I knew my friend would play Cello for me. So I wrote the song so that it would be performed solely with cello, guitar and vocals. I was satisfied with the song itself, even if I hated the lyrics. The Cello part I wrote fit well with the guitar and vocals, although I felt like an actual composer would have done much better.

After my performance, the feedback from Mr. Long and Mr. Redman were very positive. Mr Long also commented on how an actual three track recording would be very nice to have. I agree with Mr Long, during the performance, my tempo was not very well controlled, some mistakes were made. If I were to do this again, I would have more practice and make less mistakes.

Overall, I believe my final project was good. With more improvement and practice, I might be able to make actual music. This final product shows my improvement from the first day of passion project until now.

Throughout this semester, I became better at making music and gained a better understanding of music. In the future, I will continue to explore, experiment and make music. I will also work towards developing my own style of music. I will also try to work with other musicians more.


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