Personal Propaganda Poster Rationale

Propaganda almost always serves to rile up the society towards a common goal. And one of the most common goals societies have strived for is increased production. This understanding was the sole inspiration for this poster.

The first goal of this poster is to portray industrial labour as a positive, healthy activity. Brightness and contrast was turned up to the max which conveys a sense of warmth. Warm colours, especially yellow is highlighted as these colours symbolize youth, enthusiasm and other emotions that might stimulate appeal towards “production”. The second goal is to disprove the common notion that production isn’t “fun”. The thumbs up and smiling worker in the central focus of this poster enhances the positivity towards menial labour.



2 thoughts on “Personal Propaganda Poster Rationale

  1. I like the fact that you empathized with the subject matter in your rationale. However, I was wondering if you could elaborate further on your use of visual techniques (e.g. color, composition, etc.)?

  2. I see what you’re trying to go for! The poster that you made depicts yourself, assuming that you’re a “leader” for a power or nation. You picture yourself as the common folk, most likely doing the menial labor. One example of these kinds of labor may be peasants! That’s a really nice comparison that you are trying to compare yourself or even portray yourself as! The red helmet is a really nice touch, as they are the primary colours of any communist power throughout the 1900’s. Though intended or unintentional, the flipped arm is somewhat distracting! It may or may not weaken your poster a bit 🙁

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