My Opinion on Chinese Stereotypes List I Found Online

While I was searching up some Chinese stereotypes, I found this “ultimate list of Asian stereotypes”.

I have to admit, I hate this so much. Lists such as these propagate stereotypes and add confirmations to previous ones. When some who aren’t informed read these lists they take them as true for all Asians, especially when some stereotypes about Asians aren’t true for all regions of asia. “48. Asians use “la~” in instant messenging” refers to Singaporians. “34. Asian parents talk for far too long when they meet other Asian parents” is essentially all parents. “27. Asians enjoy Kpop and Jpop even when they don’t understand the language”, hello?? What about Japanese and Koreans.

I guess it’s fine if people want to express their understanding of stereotypes from their perspective, but that’s what stereotypes are, opinionated. Everyone has a different understanding of stereotypes and to act as an authority on them (ultimate list) just seems wrong. At the same time, this list doesn’t even take the topic seriously.”What should the 50th stereotype be?” This isn’t so much an ultimate list but a list that couldn’t make it 50 entries long.

Oh well, such websites on the internet aren’t supposed to be seriously anyways. While there definitely are many scholarly articles researching stereotypes, it does coexist with some less compelling ones online.


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