My Jinji

I recently came across the song “My Jinji” by Sunset Rollercoaster.

This is a song released in 2016 by Sunset Rollercoaster, an indie alt rock band from Taiwan.

In my opinion, this is one of the best songs ever written.

It is the perfect retro song.

It’s production style mirrors that of Asian 80s alt rock bands such as Beyond, Grasshopper… The way the main vocals are dimmed really accentuates the colourful instruments. The harmony is very dissonant, giving the music a kind of pensiveness, a sense of lost, which strengthens the existing nostalgia.

The lyrics are highly romantic.

“My jinji don’t you cry

This world is out of time

of time out of mind”

The ambiguous lyrics leave the listeners to form their personal interpretations.

In the modern world we are often out of time, constantly rushing from place to place with no time for love. This beautiful chorus from “My Jinji” perfectly encapsulates this inevitable sadness that accompanies love in the modern world.


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