Reddit Hates China

I found many comments on Reddit with hate or racism towards China

Regardless, keep in mind that this is the minority of Reddit. Most people on Reddit are not racists. I’ve seen many pro-china comments and people rebutting this minority.

I think the main reason for the sudden outburst in hate towards China is from the Coronavirus outbreak. As number of cases exponentially increase in Western countries, it’s easy for people to find somebody to hate, and it is so easy to blame China because on banned social platforms such as Reddit, there are no Chinese people who are willing to rebut.

Undoubtedly, there is a significant cultural difference between China and Western cultures, but this cultural gap cannot be properly bridged if there is a lack in communication. Most Chinese people cannot access many social media sites such as twitter, instagram, facebook… So it is highly difficult to establish a proper representation of Chinese people in the Western World.

They fear what they don’t understand” – Batman Begins

I believe all racism can be absolved through proper communication and exposure. Hopefully the Coronavirus pandemic will end soon and the world will be filled with peace and love. <3

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