Reflective & Goal-setting

Favorite texts and reflection from last year

1. My favorite was American Born Chinese, it was an interesting medium that combines text and visual. It also tackled the theme of cultural clash, which strongly resonates with me.

2. I enjoy texts that are completely literary, this includes ABC, “To Live”, “The problem with Apu”, “Propaganda Posters”…

3. I still need to work on analytical essays, I struggled with HL essay, Paper 1 – assignments where I need to prove a thesis. I think I was better at creative tasks such as the pastiche we did, I’m also ok at poetry.

3-2-1 regarding the year ahead

Three things
1. The onion is known for writing joke articles. They also have a youtube channel where they post parodies with satirical nature.

2. The odyssey is a long poem about a greek myth.

3. Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who created “frankenstein’s monster”

Two things
1.  Who is ” Basil Gogos”

2. What is the “Baron of Botax”

One Thing

What is a common theme within these texts and why are we studying them?

SMART Goal for the coming year

Thoroughly read 3 books that interest me before Christmas.


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