Mandarin Oriental – Morgan Freeman “I’m a Fan”

Mandarin Oriental payed many famous actors, celebrities to film commercials for Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where Morgan Freeman was one of them. Famous actor, renowned narrator, Freeman’s charisma attracts potential customers of Mandarin Oriental.

Freeman’s most narration is most gripping because of the way he delivers language. Firstly, Freeman always speaks slowly. “I like St Judes Children Hospital…” He ensures every word is clearly heard, emphasising key words, stressing “children”, “like”. Freeman’s voice resembles the archetypal old mentor figure, where he speaks in a pensive, slow voice. He’s words are meaningful, inspiring, which attracts the audience’s sense of trust, gripping their attention and anticipating his each and every word. Secondly, Freeman’s uses facial expressions to strengthen his “old mentor” character. Freeman always smiles deeply after each line. His smile is understanding, almost sneaky, as if he’s implying something, where the audience understands the deep meaning behind Freeman’s words. Freeman grips the readers in his words, where he creates tension, inspires thought with every expression and shift in tone. Lastly, Freeman’s voice is known for his deep, distinctive voice. Freeman’s tone is reassuring and authoritative. Furthermore, his voice is iconic, audience listening to his voice directly connect his voice to other popular films and media. Freeman’s voice directly evokes ethos from the audience, attracting attention and engagement.

The video’s are also shot to enhance in a beautiful, stylistic way that attracts snobbish appeal towards the Mandarin Oriental. The camera is framed in a way that enhances the cleanliness of the hotel. Every scene depicts perfect couches, beds, counters. The hotel is portrayed as elitist quality, with every aspect of service, furniture, food as flawless. Additionally, the color scheme is consistently, blue, clear, with many shots of the city, sky. This is enhanced by the saturation of natural lighting. Together, the urban palette of colors and light create an atmosphere of perfection, conveying the elite nature of the Mandarin Oriental. Audiences understand that hotel is top tier and quality, which engages potential wealthier hotel customers. At the same time, minimalistic, light music is played in the background. The instruments are very subtle, with prudent, ostinatos of piano music filling in gaps between dialogue. This use of sound retains the coherent style of this film. Where the clean, elite atmosphere of the hotel persists throughout the entire film. The sound is cinematic, adhering to the cinematic style of the film. Audience are further convinced of the elitist snobbish appeal of the Mandarin Oriental.



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