Listicle from “The Book of Life”

Love, a tangible, yet confusing subject for most. The self help articles found on the “Book of Life” website may help us grasp a deeper understanding of romantic relationships.

  1. Why Do I Feel So Lonely? – A provocative exploration of historical evolution in communities. This article provides an interpretation of how religion, culture, and society may contribute to our feelings of isolation, loneliness. It is very relevant to my life and the lives of this generation.
  2. What is Love? –  This article uses greek philosophical literature to support its analysis. The article is very applicable, using many stories, concepts, emotions that common individuals can relate to. For me writing is very thought provoking, compelling me to relate to my own experience with love.
  3. A Short History of Love – The article explores love decades, centuries, even millennia ago. It was very interesting to read how love developed from love, to crush, infatuation. It is as if love was evolving, where the passage of time reveals the complexity, and nuanced elements of romance.
  4. How We Choose a Partner – This is a short article, but very intelligent, insightful. The article creates a new perspective towards love. It was very interesting for me how the author related elements of psychoanalysis, juxtaposing the reality and theoretical understandings of love.
  5. Why Flirting Matters – This article appealed to me in its use of images. The attached pictures were authentic. They reflect snapshots of characters in candid, spontaneous moments of time. The characters are vivid, with their individuality reflected through the variety of color, background, context.
  6. Reasons to Remain Single – This article’s author employs a cold, logical persona, which was interesting to me. The author explores love from a rational perspective, weighing love from multiple standpoints with reasoning and judgement.
  7. Being Honest on a Date – This article connects to my personal experiences with dating. The author explores the duality between our instinct to please, appeal to others and the goal of revealing our true selves to the potential partner.
  8. How to Seduce with Confidence – This is a short article, but it’s call to action is clear, affirmative. I especially liked this article as it encourages readers towards self love, reliance on our own charisma and confidence.
  9. A Guide to Breaking Up – This article appealed to me in a visual way. The various use of italics, paragraph breaks, and images strengthen the exploration of Break Ups. It was an interesting read for sure.


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