Onion Article: “CAS is the Key to a Balanced Lifestyle” says the IB While Promoting their Programme

Onion Article: “CAS is the Key to a Balanced Lifestyle” says the IB While Promoting their Programme

[An IB student who is upset about missing out on her fifth hour of backstage work for the high school play]
Every *IB Diploma Programme* student is highly familiar with their savior from a boring and unbalanced lifestyle— CAS, also known as creativity, activity, and service. Described as “devious” and “scarily ingenious” by various students, CAS effectively promotes and fosters a healthy, balanced lifestyle among students, providing a refreshing break from the mountain of assignments and daily tests. In fact, recent survey results show that a whopping 90% of students believe that CAS has greatly improved their lives by motivating them to stay up until 4am studying as they now spend their time productively instead of sleeping.

CAS also replaces the typical mundane hobbies like sleeping and having a social life with much more meaningful activities. When asked how they spent their Friday night, one student said: “I did five hours of community service, 7 hours of working out in the gym, and all my homework. I even managed to get half an hour of sleep!” This student proceeded to suffer from a lack of caffeine and had to be rushed to the ER after collapsing in the middle of the crowded hallway.

Another student discusses his love of fantasy novels, and the numerous book clubs that he belonged to prior to beginning the IB Diploma Programme: “Yes, I loved reading whatever newest novel that Brandon Sanderson came out with, and I even had a really close club that I would meet with every week to discuss it with. But I’m way more balanced now; I attend HFH, MUN, the student newspaper, the tutoring centre, the soccer team, and the rugby team for an hour every day after school! After which I complete my numerous IB assignments, of course…I don’t even have time to think about the way I used to spend my spare time!”

The IB promotes CAS as the counterpart to the rigorous aspects of their course. However, some parents have become concerned about the way their kids are expected to spend their free time, especially during COVID: “Pre-COVID, my son barely had any time at home. I saw him early in the morning before school, but never at night. I used to have to leave food out for him before I went to bed…why does that have to change because he’s quarantining at home?” The IBO alerted schools following this complaint that they are currently working on a viable alternative for parents globally.

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