Reading Response #1

Book: Lockwood & Co.

Description of Assignment: Setting

Assignment: Compare three settings in the novel to three modern day settings and demonstrate how they have affected different characters.

Book: Lockwood & Co The Hollow Boy.

Settings in the novel: London streets, Office, Archives

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
London streets London Streets
·       Covered with ghost lamps, running water, lavender and different defenses.

·       No non-agent ever goes outdoors at night, locations related to dead people are abandoned and unvisited.

·       The only vehicles at night are night cabs.

·       Night watch kids are employed.

·       The society activities are suddenly changed by the addition of ghosts.

·       Main characters are the only people outdoors at night.

·       Residents of London are really affected by ghosts.

·       Kids don’t go to school, they join psychic companies.

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
Office Office
·       Iron and silver defenses.

·       Doubling as the home of the characters.

·       Customers ask for assistance about ghosts.

·       Jobs pose risk of death.

·       DEPRAC is the higher up of these psychic companies.

·       Adults employ kids to help solve psychic problems but the characters run their company by them selves.

·       The office drives the plot by helping establishing a company.

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
Archive Archive
·       The archive keeps data of all the events happening in the past.

·       A record of all articles could be found in the archives.

·       The archives in in a complex building and are sometimes hard to find information.

·       The characters seem to always be able to find important information to drive the plot.

·       Many psychic agencies research in the archives before a case.

·       All characters with some importance has been to the archives.

FA Data Collection Favourite Sports

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The contrast between boys and girls are not very even because there are only 11 girls and 26 boys.This makes it harder to compare the favorite sports of both genders. However,it is still clear that the favorite sport for 7th grade FA boys is Soccer and the 7th grade FA girls favorite sport is Badminton. I am interested to find my self in the median range as I chose Basketball as my favorite.I was also interested to find some people with 2 favorite sports, which means  some people wasn’t exactly sure what was their favorite sport, so instead they randomly picked one. This could make the results even more uneven. I also noticed that the total amount of girls was almost half of the total amount of boys, and the people that boys that chose soccer as their favorite sport was 6.5, and the girls that chose badminton was 3.5. This is also about half of the amount, this indicates that girls are also as passionate as the boys.