Reading Response #2

Book: Lockwood & Co. The Hollow Boy

Assignment: Choose five current events that relate to the themes in the novel. Describe in detail how they relate.


Conflict between colleagues:

In the book, the characters argued because of there conflict of personalities, displaying arguments and disputing. These where also influenced by their desire for a higher position in the company. On April 29, 2016 a man killed his boss with a knife in a conflict between them. This event in real life was an extreme example to the theme in the book.

Cooperation and teamwork:

Recent events of fire fighting are examples of  great team work and cooperation, just like most of the agencies in the book, cooperation and teamwork are huge factors of survival.

Cooperation of companies:

In the book, Lockwood & Co. cooperated with the Fittes team to succeed in the chelsea case similarly to how companies cooperate in real life. For example, Tenzent cooperated with Yahoo China leading to a huge success.

A person’s past:

Someones past is a important part of their identity and defines who they are, events of their past have shaped their lives into what they believe and what they do. This could be related to Lockwood’s motive for doing his job.

Disapproved Ideas/Taboos:

Lucy’s way of communicating with the ghosts and sharing a connection is a disapproved and dangerous way of her work, her ideas have caused danger and risk lives of her friends. In real life, attempts to truce with enemies have caused lives in the history.