Reading Response #3

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Battle of the Labyrinth

Assignment: Create a “word collage” for the novel and explain how these words and phrases contribute to the development of the novel.

“They let my sister die!” Nico’s voice trembled with rage. “They’re here to kill me!”

This phrase spoken by Nico di Angelo drives the plot by showing his rage and grief of losing his sister. The anger he expresses shows the reader his blind hatred towards the world. Though it is later revealed that Nico’s true hatred is actually towards his sister for her abandoning him, evidence of that could somewhat be seen in this dialogue.

It sounded very final, that good-bye. Then he erupted into a column of flame, and the fire moved over the water, heading back to the world outside.

After Hephaestus finished with his solemn conversation with Percy. The author used this phrase to set the tone of how sad and hard this choice is for Percy to make, this dramatic exit of the god signified his greatness and power of his kind. This phrase has driven the scene by concluding the scene and giving the reader further knowledge about the story.


The name pan originally meant “rustic”, though it was changed to “all” over time. The great god pan, is the god of the wild, its power over the wild has grown smaller and smaller due to the human pollution and the seizing of natural locations. Satyrs have dedicated their lives for finding the great Pan believing that he would cure the environment, but Grover discovered that Pan has truly died and Grover has been passed on Pan’s spirit.

Then it happened. Grover opened his mouth, and the most horrible sound I’d ever heard came out. It was like a brass trumpet magnified a thousand times-the sound of pure fear.

Grover has summoned the power of panic, the same power Pan has used to scared away the enemies in the first war, this power is passed on to everyone, warning us that we must act to help the world instead of relying on a godly force to magically remove pollution from the world.

“Yes, my young architect,” Daedalus agreed. ” When I die, the Labyrinth will die as well.

The plot ends with the tragic only solution to the raids at camp, Daedalus’s sacrifice appears to be the only way to stop attacks temporarily and a tragic answer to the question in this book.

Reading Response #1

Book: Lockwood & Co.

Description of Assignment: Setting

Assignment: Compare three settings in the novel to three modern day settings and demonstrate how they have affected different characters.

Book: Lockwood & Co The Hollow Boy.

Settings in the novel: London streets, Office, Archives

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
London streets London Streets
·       Covered with ghost lamps, running water, lavender and different defenses.

·       No non-agent ever goes outdoors at night, locations related to dead people are abandoned and unvisited.

·       The only vehicles at night are night cabs.

·       Night watch kids are employed.

·       The society activities are suddenly changed by the addition of ghosts.

·       Main characters are the only people outdoors at night.

·       Residents of London are really affected by ghosts.

·       Kids don’t go to school, they join psychic companies.

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
Office Office
·       Iron and silver defenses.

·       Doubling as the home of the characters.

·       Customers ask for assistance about ghosts.

·       Jobs pose risk of death.

·       DEPRAC is the higher up of these psychic companies.

·       Adults employ kids to help solve psychic problems but the characters run their company by them selves.

·       The office drives the plot by helping establishing a company.

Settings in the novel How this has affected the plot and characters
Archive Archive
·       The archive keeps data of all the events happening in the past.

·       A record of all articles could be found in the archives.

·       The archives in in a complex building and are sometimes hard to find information.

·       The characters seem to always be able to find important information to drive the plot.

·       Many psychic agencies research in the archives before a case.

·       All characters with some importance has been to the archives.