Independent reading blog

The book I’m currently reading for my independent reading is The Outsiders. In the part that I have read, the novel describes the conflict between two groups of people: the Greasers and the Socs. Greasers are generally poor, and their living conditions are so much worse than Socs, which is generally richer and much more well-conditioned. In the first four chapter of the novel, three major conflicts were portrayed. The first one is the protagonist were bullied by several sons when he is alone. The second conflict is when Ponyboy was at the theater with two friendly Socs when another group of Socs come and have a small conflict between the greasers and the Socs. The third and greatest conflict is that Ponyboy was bullied and was about to be drowned. Due to this, his friend, Johnny, killed the Socs. In order to ran away from the punishment, they asked his brother Dally for help for money, guns, and a plan. This reveal some of the settings of this novel, like the society that takes place. I can predict that the conflict between the two groups will only get more serious despite the friendly sign exists between the groups.

English B Reflection on Identity

This English class taught me how to write a blog, interview text, concept of subcultures and the seven story types. Among these new things I’ve learned, the most interesting one is the writing of a blog, since this is a completely new text type for me to write, and I had never write anything like that before (it’s the first non-literature text type I knew). Actually, the thing that surprises me most is the subculture group presentation—I didn’t expect that subculture could be that deep. The things that I want to know more is the literature and identity, since literature was important in the rest of the IB course. The new vocabulary I learn are:

Structure of Stories: ExpositionàRising ActionàClimaxàFalling ActionàDenouement

Seven story types: Rags to Riches, The Quest, Overcoming the Monster, Voyage and Return, Comedy (not what comedy means now), Tragedy (not what tragedy means now), Rebirth.

Examples of subcultures: Trekkies, Fandom, Grunge, Zazou, etc.

Interview text structuring: Poll Quote, Teaser

Also, the language and identity part really interest me. Before reading that article, I never thought that language could shape a person’s identity that much. However, the article proves me wrong by showing How a person could change the view about themselves when learning a different language.

Street Photography Portfolio

I chose the 5 photos below as my final 5 because they contain the most facial expressions to tell a story, and most of them were took at a close range.

This photo has been taken at the park right across from our school at morning, and the photo showed a women was dancing with a strip. This photo is a little bit off because the focus is on the tree in the front instead of the women in the center.

This photo has been taken at the park across from our school in the afternoon, it showed a boy playing around with bubbles. The foreground is the bubble, the middle ground is the boy and the background is the residence building. The photo could tells more story if I contain more people in the shot.

This photo was taken in Hutong, it shows a old man sitting on an armchair and playing around with his phone. The focus of this photo is the facial expression of the old man, but it should be taken from a closer distance. Also, the background is limited, which affect the story telling of the photo. The crop could be better to show the old man’s full body.

This photo was taken at Hutong’s bridge, and it’s about a worker is removing the trash from the river by his boat and simple tools. This photo could have a better effect if the angle is more flat.

This photo was taken at the side of the lake in the Hutong, and it’s about a man playing a flute with happiness. This photo should be contain more background in order to tell a story of China’s past, present and future.

Street Photography Day #2


^ I think this photo is the strongest of the five photo I chose. The foreground is the bubble in the air; the mid-ground is the child spraying the bubbles and smiling and the back ground is the residence building of the park. This photo focuses mainly on the child, which is the mid-ground, and blurred other objects in the photo out to lead the audiences’ attention to the child. The orange shirt on the child pretty stands out, too.

Photographer Research

This photo portrays a scene that a old man sitting at the other side of the window is thinking about something. The colored picture has made the blurriness even more to emphasize the uncertainty of the old man. The image itself is static, neither the subject or the background is in motion. The photo is looked downwards to better shows the eye expression behind the glasses. The photo uses the lens that capture viewer’s attention to the old man and blurred everything else out.

Hutong Photo Day Plan of Action

Nick Turpin inspires me the most. I like the part of his photo that it mainly took by a blurry glass so the subject of the photo is focused. Also, it clearly shows the facial expression of the subject.


The main aspect of this photo is that it has been taken up close and have a good angle to capture the subject’s facial expression, so what I need to do is to get into a close and comfortable distance to capture enough detail of the subject. Also, I would adjust the focus manually to find the most comfortable distance.

I want to capture as many people’s facial expression on the trip, and I’d like to capture the scene of a individual, not really a group of people.

Dragon’s Eye Photo Analysis

Photo Title: The Ancient Charm

Photographer: Jessica Shan

Place: Dragon’s Eye exhibition out side the school cafeteria

What about it connect to me: The style of it attracts me for its colored and black and white style, and it’s scene of the Hutong is one of my favorite things.

Technical skills: This photo was taken at a relatively high position, which gives a good angle to show the whole scene of the Hutong. Also, the color is a mixed style–it’s a combination of red and black and white style–that are really attracting, and draw viewer’s attention to the bottom part where the people are.

(please look at the photo side ways since I can’t rotate it)

Street Photography Day #1

Date: Apr.12th

This day, we got out of the school as a class to take street photo at a park across from our school, and we spent about 45 min on it. The photo is mainly about the everyday life in a common community.


I took this photo at a market in the community, as the woman is tidying the vegetables for sale. I have seen this moment when I’m wandering around the park, so I take a snap of it at a relatively far distance since it would be rude if I get too close. Next time maybe I could get a bit closer and focus more about the women.


I took this photo when I saw this woman dancing with a traditional Chinese music with a flag holding on the hand. I took the photo from afar to capture her every movement and not interrupting her. It could be better if I took it from another angle to get rid of the bikes and other unnecessary object in this photo.

short story

       Romeo & Rosaline

        In the family party that held by Montague family, Romeo is being occupied with nothing, he sat at the corner of the room, having the meal alone, observing the people that are dancing in the center of the hall. Suddenly his eyes stuck on a girl, the angel-like girl, dancing elegantly. Romeo can’t resist that beautiful lure, he couldn’t help himself from looking at her. He was eager to say hello to her, but he was a little shy. He hesitated for a while. Finally, he stood up and walked towards the girl. “Hello there, Hmm, what’s your name?” Romeo asked gently. The girl stopped dancing, she turns to Romeo and said: “I’m Rosaline. Who are you anyway?” “Romeo,” Romeo answered. “I…” Romeo wanted to ask the next question, but he stopped, he felt that he’s not confident enough to ask that question. “I… have a little request…um…could I dance with you?” Romeo finally spills that question out. Rosaline thought for a while, Romeo was so excited that time, he thought “please say yes, please say yes…” But then Rosaline answered the answer that Romeo didn’t want to hear and with a bit anger: “No, Not at all! I don’t even understand you, why should I do that stupid thing! Besides, I don’t like you even a bit!” Romeo has been silenced, his heart is broken, like a bird that flying lonely, he never felts so alone, even more so than when he sat in the corner and being occupied with nothing. He left Rosaline, with sadness, disappointment, and worries.


        This short story tells about what happens when Romeo met Rosaline in a family party, and describes why Rosaline didn’t love Romeo. This short story has the literary device like metaphor, that used in sentence “the angel-like girl”, “like a bird flying lonely”. The script also uses a psychology, in the sentence “Romeo wanted to ask the next question, but he stopped, he felt that he’s not confident enough to ask that question.”