Post #6: Our Archaeology Essential Questions

How do archaeologists study the past?

People, historians and archaeologists study the past, but how do they study them all? Well, people usually study objects called artifacts, its hard to find an artifacts, it is usually found in lost cities. There would be jars and vases that people would usually leave behind from the past. Archaeologists would  usually use the 5 W’s to ask question, they will (compare) this new artifact with other artifacts and see if there would be a slight clue to the culture. Scientists and archaeologists would make conclusions to see if they can get something, and archaelogists ask questions to get an answer.

Archaelogists usually use dating technology to find the age of an artifact, radio carbon-dating, tree-ring dating, written records and potassium dating. when archaeologists study an artifact, they would usually be patient, scrubbing of one part for 1 whole day, it takes a lot of patience to do this job.

but then each day there are artifacts being discovered.



Post #6: Our Archaeology Essential Questions.

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