Letter to my beloved wife (blog post #9 along walk to water letter)

Dear my wife,

I have the best news to tell you today, our son has survived the terrible incident 19 years ago! I couldn’t believe my eyes, Salva was now a full grown man, I couldn’t believe that he has been alive this whole time! most of our sons died during the invasion, yet to believe that only two of them survived the disaster. I thought that he had died, even though my people that had loved Salva wanted to sacrifice a cow for him, I kept telling them that my son was still alive. I never doubted myself. Continue reading Letter to my beloved wife (blog post #9 along walk to water letter)

Blog Post #7: Where im from.

Where I’m from


I am from a cozy three-floored house

With each floor with its unique ability of comfort

One is warmly welcoming

Another with a soft feeling with it

the last floor making anyone sleeping instantly in any way you can imagine.


I am from my violin

Starting from slow calming music

Into rapid heart skipping music pieces

Starting with complex fingering positions

To intense furious bowing

From sharp note to a natural note

Starting with a solo then a duet starting a trio from here starting a quartet.


I open my computer

To realize that I had an unknown folder

I double click on that folder

To see pictures of the past

And what might be the future

Could be the past.



Yin Wah Yip