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Hello there my readers!

Hi there everyone! It has been quite a long winter break this year, it kinda felt short because of all the fun that I had have. To be honest, I kind of don’t miss school, I don’t know why, but i’m just being honest for this. The only thing that I miss about school is probably nothing. Nothing at all. Click here to read the story.

So, I kinda spent most of my weekend at Hong Kong, but then before I went to Hong Kong I was first ended up in Macau, it was a two day stay there. everyone in my family came with us, me and my brother stayed in a two bed room, my sister and mom slept on the master bedroom and my dad ordered a bed to sleep outside. but when we got there, the room actually smelled like SMOKE. Whenever we came in there, there would be a smell of smoke.

I stayed at a hotel named Parkview Green, which was pretty fancy and the internet was pretty fast there. Usually, the mornings  have blue skies and lots of bright sunlight, I wished that Beijing was like this though, Hong Kong was less polluted while Beijing was polluted every day.There were more exciting things to see in Hong Kong (sorry). Unlike Beijing, there are mountains, less factories, the sea and more green around here. Apparently what I said was to “go to the protest sites” was wrong. When I got there, the protest sights were already closed one week ago, which kind of sucked-ish.

So my cousins from my dads side came to Hong Kong, except for one of the families. So only one of my dads brothers came over. They stayed in the same hotel as us, we lived on floor 17 while they lived on floor 15, the good thing was that we found out that we could use the fire exit to travel up and down and down and up, we live right on top of each other and on the far end of the hallway, which the end of the hallway had the fire escape. Apparently, my cousins dad brought his XBOX so that we could play some games and stuff. Apparently, I found my self spending more time in my cousins place instead of my own place, I usually go there in the morning for breakfast, but I always have the same thing, which is cream cheese bagels.

Apparently, Christmas was right around the corner, one day. We had our aunt come over for dinner so that we could celebrate the christmas spirit, but it wasn’t just our aunt. Turned out that the whole family came over, my dad and sister cooked fecili, which is a twirly kind of pasta, the sauce that went with the pasta was tomato/ what I think is tuna or chicken. Apparently, I found myself sleeping at 12:00 am after coming to Hong Kong, don’t blame me, but I played video games most of the time. So then it was tomorrow, good morning and etc. obviously I slept, and then opened out presents on the next day. The good thing for me was that it wasn’t snowing! Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah!!! Well, our uncle gave us a present, a box you may say. He gave all five of us a box, (Me, Brother, Sister, Cousin, 2nd Cousin.) To find out that when I opened it, I found a pair of pin beats, PINK BEATS!! My  brother got blue my cousin got red, and my other cousin got blue and my sister got red, so i traded the pink one for the red one with my cousin. Then our dad gave us our presents, drum roooole please!

So, I kind of broke a rule but, okay. So, my sister, got 200 HKd, my brother got a super expensive limited watch that has a gps, can change time if you go to a diffrent country automatically, can be charged by a solar beam, can tell how much day light there is and I for got the rest. So for ME, want to know what I got for christmas? Well, I got an I Phone 6+.

well, i’m so sorry for not knowing what was in the box everyone. I actually farted on it thinking that it would be my sisters fault and sad on it not knowing it was there, and then i farted on it and my brother kept laughing. Yay I got an I phone 6+, which means that I am not bringing it to school unless I feel like it, but the good thing is is that I don’t actually use it to text or do what ever weird stuff on my phone. Surely some people would go and download we chat and download instagram and all those other social apps, but here is one thing to be said. I am at least 90% anti social, its usuallly because of the texting and all that stuff that would make me “bored”.

So recently after boxing day, me and my family had a family reunion at a dining place at a good rated restaurant at the hotel. we laugh, ate and drink. We surely had a fun time together just laughing, after all the fun, me and my family ended up saying good bye to the people that had to driver here from somewhere else. Well the, when I was about to sleep, I got this great idea for a book that I could write, I was thinking about calling it “Red Light, Green Light.” and something to make it intersting I decide to add something like a quote, I made one up myself like this “What could make you stop, but what could make you keep going?” I think that it makes the story more interesting. The story is like this, one of my characters has a special power, the power is that when he leaves at a distance, that part of the world would freeze, like stop. The only way that he could make the world go on running again is by watching the news or doing something social. Im still thinking about the main plot, I don’t think I might want to write it because I find it a little bit embarrassing.

Well, since I skipped time lets go ahead to the new year, I actually slept at my cousins place, the good thing was that I could get the pillows and my tooth brushes pretty easily  because he was right beneath us 1 floor. Well, we celebrated new years eve in his place so that it was fun. I guess it was because that my cousin had the xbox. So eventually new years eve WAS upon us, my brother and I celebrated, my cousin and my other cousin celebrated. Yay! But then i guess I was the first victim for my sister, she would pull down my pants. Apparently she did not have the knowledge to know was that I had tight pants on, apparently after that I slept on their couch because its new years eve. Apparently, my uncle wanted to kick us out of his room and started to play video games on the xbox, did I mention that he plays video games? Apparently I tried to force my way into my cousins room which was a two bedded room, I thought that I could maybe sleep on the floor. But then they locked the doors right what I tried to open the door. Apparently when I returned he already started a game, ONLINE! I was pretty annoyed, but I was not ready to give up, apparently we ended up sleeping at 1’o clock, which to me is pretty stupid. Its like he hates us, it was like he was trying to kill me, mentally and physically.

Well, we sadly came back to Beijing, which was polluted as usual, nothing “uncommon” happening here. I just look around with my mind thinking to myself, “did I really live in this place before? If so, please let it only be a night mare.” I was hoping that it was a night mare, that I would wake up in the morning with the morning heat of Hong Kong and the dazzling heat of the sun. We came back because my sister needed to go and study for SAT, apparently, when we came back she never studied even ONCE of SAT, which makes me angry and sad for her.

well, here was most of my winter break, good bye!


7 thoughts on “Blog Post: My Winter Break”

  1. Wow…You wrote a lot. Writing a lot was good because you described everything so well, but in a way, it seemed like you were in a hurry. (Slow down!) There were multiple typos like when you completely forgot about capitalizing your ‘i’s. Then, you used the same sentence starters twice or three times in a row.
    Overall, I thought you wrote well-using good adjectives, and describing well. But you should consider looking through it again to fix a few errors.
    Your really expressed yourself about how you think Hong Kong is haven, while Beijing is…well you know, the opposite. Also, I can’t BELIEVE that your uncle gave you PINK earplugs. Was it an accident? Hilarious, but good thing that things turned out well in the end. Then, it was really unexpected that you received an IPHONE 6+ from your parents! I have to say, that is awesome!

    1. I have to say, I did rush a bit because I was pretty excited to write down most of what happened during the holiday, but then again. I got pink ones, yes, I got pink ones. So what? I traded with my cousins.

  2. I agree with Hannah – the beginning was very good, but it seemed like you were in a rush in the end. I like how you have some personality in the writing, like that you weren’t just rattling off things you did off the top of your head, but described it in detail. Just watch out for the little typos, and repeating words, but other than those things, it’s pretty good!

  3. When you said at the beginning that you don’t miss school. I don’t think anyone really does. You were VERY DETAILED in the whole story. Which was really nice. I think the story was actually kind of good. Good Job!

  4. Agree. You wrote quite a lot. Your story is very descriptive. I like how you made questions and then answered them. Your story feels like it’s more of a diary, which is cool. I agree with Hannah to. YOU GOT AN I-PHONE 6+!! The story was kind of in a hurry, but it was very good.

  5. Hi there my group fellow readers, I don’t think that having a IPhone six plus is going to be helpful here at beijing, I don’t even have a sim card yet. Which means that I cannot call anyone yet, plus, school hasn’t even given us our locks yet, I can’t bring my precious phone to school. I already lost my blue beloved hat that I got on Wednesday, I probably would blame school for what had happened.

  6. Hey yin wah, I like the fact that you wrote a lot, but in a stranger/reader’s view, once they had skimmed through your story, it wouldn’t be very intresting or catchy. If you would have worked on a little more unexpected parts, it would have been better. But overall, I think you did a great job.

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