Blog Post #7: Where im from.

Where I’m from


I am from a cozy three-floored house

With each floor with its unique ability of comfort

One is warmly welcoming

Another with a soft feeling with it

the last floor making anyone sleeping instantly in any way you can imagine.


I am from my violin

Starting from slow calming music

Into rapid heart skipping music pieces

Starting with complex fingering positions

To intense furious bowing

From sharp note to a natural note

Starting with a solo then a duet starting a trio from here starting a quartet.


I open my computer

To realize that I had an unknown folder

I double click on that folder

To see pictures of the past

And what might be the future

Could be the past.



Yin Wah Yip










2 thoughts on “Blog Post #7: Where im from.”

  1. So, when I revised the violin part, I decided to change a few words to make it descriptive, I decided to switch complicated into complexed, I find the word complicated used to many times and that I would like to use words that I don’t use much in my daily life. Eventually, in the end when we turned our poems in. I decided to switch video games into musical things like the violin, I did this because I mention video games too much and think that it was over used in our class.

  2. I like the part where you switched complicated to complexed, but it’s complex, not complexed. I think the last part is very mysterious and cool, but it sort of doesn’t make sense. I like your details, but sometimes you have to add a little bit more punctuation to make it less run-on-ish.

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