Blog Post #8: PEEL paragraph on Salva

Hello everyone! I am doing a PEEL paragraph on a character that we are reading, the book is called A long Walk to Water, the character that we are going to write about is Salva.

P make your point : So, this book has lots of dramatic stories to it, Salva has to walk a long walk just to get to these refugee camps, to me, they seem to be more like a safer type of prison camp. Though the refugee camps don’t have enough food for everyone, it doesn’t look like it would be convenient to go to a refugee camp that doesn’t have enough food and has lots of people to feed with very little volunteers, and that Salva had to lead around 1,500 young kids that are also boys.


lE example/ E evidence So, when Salva’s uncle died and after the first concentration camp, Salva decided to take his uncles leadership skills he learned and lead 1,500 boys. And Salva’s uncle only lead around 30 people, that’s like 1,470 more people then his uncle. Then when Salva went to other refugee camps, he always moved because there was not enough food for everyone to eat and that there were always not enough volunteers/medics to give medicine to the wounded or the sick. He went to what seems to be 4 refugee camps already, the first camp that he went to ended up in a disaster, he stayed at the same refugee camp for around six years. But then the soldiers drove them out of the camp with to the river using their guns. Apparently there were crocodiles in the lake, and somehow Salva had managed to survive this horrible event. After surviving the crocodile event, Salva now lead around 1,500 young boys and took them 1 and a half year to get to the next refugee camp, apparently Salva left this camp because there was always not enough food.

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SO basically, my point is that Salva had a very hard life when he was young, I think that he is like 40-50 years old right now, I wonder how he lived his life and what made him keep on going, even when everything from him has been taken from him. His family, his friend named Merriel who was eaten by the tigers, and his uncle which was left to bleed to death when being shot three times.

So, thank you for reading a PEEL paragraph on Salva.

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