Blogs Post #10

Hi there! I am doing a blog post about a website that we were supposed to explore for homework, you can check the website too by clicker HERE.

So, this website shows how some dedicated person named Salva Dut, wanted to make Southern Sudan a better place to live for the people. So then Salva went around making wells for the villages in Sudan, usually, a persons life in Southern Sudan was never easy. Girls and women would have to go and fetch water for many hours, a village would usually have a pond or a river close to the village, but even though the river provides the water, the water there is still muddy and dirty water. People who would drink this kind of water would get sick and maybe even a chance of death. The dedicated people would be the people that would want to help Africa by digging wells for them.

People in Africa have a very different life from what we have here at China. People at Africa live in huts called “Shanti”, there are many people that need water to survive every day, unlike us. They have water that is usually contaminated with bacteria causing death and sickness, but what we do is that we BUY sodas and we have clean water and all of that kind of drinks. We are already lucky enough to have water, in Africa, it is very rare to find coca colas.

Drilling a water well takes up many days to make, you need to connect al of the water pipes together and be careful of the water pressure. Learning that Salva has been dedicated to piecing Africa back together, it has been good to learn that many people in this world would like to make an impact to Africa.

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