Letter to my beloved wife (blog post #9 along walk to water letter)

Dear my wife,

I have the best news to tell you today, our son has survived the terrible incident 19 years ago! I couldn’t believe my eyes, Salva was now a full grown man, I couldn’t believe that he has been alive this whole time! most of our sons died during the invasion, yet to believe that only two of them survived the disaster. I thought that he had died, even though my people that had loved Salva wanted to sacrifice a cow for him, I kept telling them that my son was still alive. I never doubted myself.

he and I have talked for hours, he told me about finding my brother. But then he died, I am terrible for Salva’s loss, he has lead 1,500 young boys on a journey for survival, when he was still young. I always thought that he had leadership in him. He said that he stayed in a refugee camp for lots of years and then moved to New York in America. He has found a loving family that has taken care of him, he said that the roads were always paved and that every house had electricity in it, did the people that lived in New York always lived a high life like this? Salva also explained that he had an education in New York, he went to school and had a house, unlike our Shanti’s in Africa.

I will soon be coming home after I have permission to leave. See you at home.

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  1. You told the whole story if I was Salva’s dad. You had a lot of details to strengthen the story. The story felt like you would want to keep reading. Maybe you should us something else beside’s “He” in the start of every sentence. You should check one of your capitalization error.

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