Syrian Refugee Crisis


  1. What are the most important needs of the refugees right now?
  2. How can governments of countries around the world provide those needs?
  3. If you were one of the leaders in one of the countries where the refugees are going, how would you balance the needs of the refugees with the needs of the people native your country?


What are the MOST important needs of a refugee right now? Well, I think that what they would really need is shelter, food, water, money and maybe even family. They might need to be comforted because of what they tried to do to find a safe place for them. These are the few things that can help them with survival and could also help them with future life (money).

2. Obviously they could always deliver the food, water and some tents for the refugees to get them comforted for a while. These kinds of supplies can help them with a start, and is like a pitstop for Syrians to stop and take a breath, then keep on moving to either europe or get accepted by Germany.

3. Well, if I were leader of a country, I would sadly only accept maybe a couple thaosand because of population problems, but I would most likely suggest GREENLAND TO ACCEPT A FEW, because Green land has the least population, and quite a large chunk of land. Only 56,483 people, SERIOUSLY, that’s so big and the size of the entire ISLAND IS 2.166 million km²!!!! yet… Anyways, I would most likely suggest to greenland that they should at least accept a few thaosand to bounce back on their population. I would understand if they didn’t like them if they were muslim (racists).








2 thoughts on “Syrian Refugee Crisis”

  1. I liked how you put the questions at the top and answered all of the questions fully. I
    agree that the refugees would need comfort after an earthquake. I don’t think that Greenland’s reason for not taking in any refugees probably wouldn’t be just because they didn’t like muslims, so they must have a reason for that, and that’s what I’m wondering about. I could understand that they could be uncomfortable with lots of refugees coming because I would kind of feel uncomfortable if lots of people just came to my neighborhood. They could also have lots of undeveloped lands, and since Greenland is also melting a bit, and that also might’ve been a problem.

    1. Thanks for the comment, yes. Greenland is melting a bit, making it a bit warmer, and haivng more people on could cause more global warming.

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