Earth quake, Final.

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Craving for Home

The sun was shining through the window, as I wrote a story, while teaching a class.

“I’m 59 year old man, and looking for a way to get out of this school, I have splendid wife and two children, who then have 3 children, making me a grandpa. I am now looking for a new job, and start a new life.”

“… Earthquakes start by two tectonic plates colliding each other; the other theory is that volcanoes also cause earthquakes. And that’s all that we have for today’s science class, see you tomorrow, and study for the science test!”

Young and old kids alike rushed out of the door like a river; only a few students were left to study the science test tomorrow. I grabbed a stack of tests from my table and started grading them.

“It’s going to be a long day.”

As more and more B’s were marked in the test, there was a little tremble, as if someone had burped, I thought that I might have been hallucinating for a second there. But as I looked up, everyone had a worried look, I took a deep sigh and thought that I would need a break from work and tiptoed so that I wouldn’t distract the people studying. As I started walking down the halls I felt a sudden wave and fell down straight on my back. The ground suddenly started shaking and was starting to move, a large alarm sound started buzzing like an explosion. Children started screaming inside of the classrooms, and started pouring out of the door like a crashing wave. Then it hit me, this was a earthquake, and there was nearly no way of getting I can survive.


As I ran outside I saw everything wrecked trees and lamps were falling down like swatted flies, smoke and dust were rising everywhere, causing a thick fog that was nearly hard to breathe. I covered my nose and mouth and started walking anywhere that was farther from the school, as fire beside me rose only to claim more lives and more buildings that’s in its way.


As I kept walking I saw the destruction and chaos all over, people were running with their children in their hands, trying to get away from anything that could collapse on top of their heads. How bad could this earthquake have been? It anything below a magnitude of 5, and it couldn’t be… but now all that I could think about was my family and if they were safe, it kept running through my mind and can’t get it expunged, I needed to think about what my next move was as well. Should I find my family or should I find a safe haven, both were the hardest choice to think of, family should always be your top priority, but you have to think of your own safety as well. Should I find my family first or find somewhere safe? Or should I find a safe haven then find my family?


As I continued walking down the road I saw more injured people and lots of abandoned cars, there were a lot of ambulances lying around and helicopters flying overhead, looking for a way inside the city. As I kept walking down the road I saw that everyone else is heading towards the same direction, and I decided to follow them, to find a safe haven. As I walked down the road a ambulance driver climbed on top of the ambulance and yelled out from a speaker phone “Anyone with a injury come over to the tents so that we can treat your injury, those who don’t have anything to treat please continue down the road. The buses will return to take you to the camp setup nearby!”

Everyone cheered up a little bit after hearing the good news of able to find somewhere safe, but some were looking down, unmoved by the news. As we walked down we came to an open grassy field, that was once supposedly a playground for children, but now it looked as if someone rebuilt everything with just a rock. As we sat down waiting for the buses to pick us up volunteers passed us bottles of water, at the thought of water I didn’t realize how parched my throat was, the earthquake may have started a few hours ago but I was running the entire time.


Everything started to come at me, until I saw the bruises and blood that was running down my face, I didn’t realize I have suffered all of these injuries. I received a bottle of water from the volunteers and chugged down a half of it within five seconds. I used the remaining water to wash my face a bit to get the blood off. But as I was doing so the moving of wheels interrupted me, as I turned around I saw 10 busses with 45 seats each. We were finally saved! Everyone stood up and started shuffling toward the buses, I got onto the first bus because they were right beside me, I looked out the window and saw a flood of refugees starting to run towards to the bus, desperate to get somewhere safe.


But the buses were filled within minutes and there was no more space for others, I found myself sitting next to a electrician, his face like so many others had bruises and cuts all over, as the bus started to move no one cheered, no one yelled, no one complained, all that everyone thought of was home, but then it hit me, this was an opportunity, and opportunity to change myself and start a new.




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