Lit Circle Wrap Up, Main Character

Dear Readers, if you don’t know what’s going on, please read my previous blog post.

I chose the main character theme out of 3, this theme is basically describe your character with adjectives, from beginning, middle and end. The character that I chose was Kayla, since she’s the main protagonist and the only character that is focused. What I think she was in the beginning was: Curious, Courageous. I choose these three because Kayla was curious after the death of her dad, she decided to snoop around, in Pg. 120, it talks about how Kayla and Zekeal manage to hack into her dad’s computer and find out the big secret Global-1 is hiding. I find Kayla courageous because even after Global-1 made the tattoo a law, Kayla managed to fight back and avoid Global-1 officers.

Middle: In the middle I found Kayla Daring, adventurous Kayla was daring because she escaped in a journey to find a person named Eutonah that somehow managed to use “telepathic abilities” to contact her to find her, in order to find Eutonah Kayla had to go on an adventure to find Eutonah all the way to lake Placid.

In the last box, I chose the words Awesome and successful, which I think was kind of cliche. Kayla managed to survive nearly everything thrown at her, nature, a gunshot and even the mountains with scarce food, awesome isn’t she? She’s even luck that people found her, that’s how she managed to survive nearly everything. I would also call Kayla successful because she managed to resist the barcode tattoo long enough for her to make it to Eutonah and join the resistance, Great Success!

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