Wrap Up to yesterday, 2016/3/25

Here be the last day of one day this year, good bye one day! click this link ———> 1 Day Project to read my plans for one day, this document is basically my plan and reflection of this year. Read this below, please actually read it before just rushing and reading my story ;).

As I have promised, here is my project from 1 Day, Unfinished story…. It’s um not done yet due to plans during one day and obstacles, and there might be some mistakes or run-on sentences, but i’m proud of it! I spent 6 hour on one day writing this story and I DON’T CARE what you would think about (okay, maybe a little bit). Hmm… If I were to be able to changeIMG_0707 something in 1 day I would most likely change my project, I feel that I already experienced quite a lot when it comes to 1 day, but if I were to have done something differently would to have change my story instead of the story that I have done. The story that I decided to choose cost me too much time and actually forced me to delete at least 5-6 paragraphs worth of my story just because I didn’t like! But like I said, I’m PROUD of it.

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