GONE, Compare to self and Theme


One second the entire world your was normal, parents, adults, teachers, police. The other they’re all gone. What would you do? The theme of the book “GONE” by Michael Grant talks about how looking out for each other (friendship) and teamwork is important in this world and how it would can help with overcoming the upcoming difficulties in a world without adults (or anyone above the age of 16).


One of the quotes that briefly explains the value of friendship is in (16) “I have to help carry this girl,’ said said […] ‘We’re not leaving her here,” This just shows that no matter what the protagonists are willing to help the children that are in need, just because all of the kids are extremely young and cannot defend themselves let alone find food! Another example of teamwork is shown in page 492,

“Dekka raised her hands high and gravity beneath the door was suspended. […] Sam fired into the dark interior through the door open. He and Dekka barreled through and slammed against opposite walls, panting and ready.” This is a quick example of Sam and a girl named Dekka, Who can control gravity. They managed to easily take down a pair of enemies making a small make-shift base in the school. They easily managed to avoid the shooter and take them down with their super powers.



Although I live in a completely different universe in which we have adults to help and take care of us. The first comparison that I think my life has to the book is that through teamwork you can accomplish nearly anything you can imagine, in the book they managed to fend off the enemy. I guess that a good example is probably back in 5th grade when we played a game called “Lord of the Rings” during PE (reenacting a scene from it, where a guy blows up a gate with a giant bomb). A giant yoga ball was being pushed by the attacking “Orcs” and we the “Elves” have to throw balls at them to prevent them from pushing the ball all the way to the gate and we lose.

Another example is when Sam Temples mother appeared when Sam turned 16 years old, the way the mom talks really reminds me of my mother (the style not the voice). She always manages to bribe into things and sweet talk out of things, such as practicing the violin, doing my homework or go and have class. When I was 10 YO she bribed me with a box of chocolates that she bought from Hong Kong.


Grant, Michael. Gone. New York: HarperTeen, 2008. Print.

Gone Multimedia Post, Michael Grant



“Brave, Smart, powerful, friendly, humorous” These are a few of the words that describes Sam Temple As a 15 year old high schooler that seems to have lost nearly everything in his life.

This is the Multimedia post that I created for the Book “Gone” by Michael Grant, i used piktochart and attempted to make a good and cover like a magazine… didn’t turn out as well as I thought it did, but this is my first time. I think I surprised myself…

Sam Temple is the main protagonist of the story, one day every adult (over 16 of age) disappears and the kids have to defend themselves from random animal mutations… But this just unlocks a survival skill for the kids, they start to develop powers. He makes a good quote saying “We didn’t make this world, we’re the poor fools who are living in it.” (150) and another one “So many things i’m not, and so few things i am.” (173) it shows that Sam is serious about surviving and being quite thoughtful about the world and how puny their existence is in the universe.

Although I tried, I couldn’t get any better photo than this, this photo is literally from another book / movie called “I Am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore. I couldn’t find any other ones because I couldn’t crop them out. However, even though it’s not Sam Temple it’s someone that resembles him a lot in the book description, yellow hair and decent body with etc. etc…