Polymer Project #1

What is a synthetic material / Natural resource?

A natural resource is something like silkworms, sheep wool, animals (there’s too many so i just referred it to animals), and plants. Some examples of natural resources are Cotton clothes, Silk cloths and Wool Cloths, all made from the things listed above. Synthetic materials can be commonly referred too as synthetic fibers. Such as Rayon, Resin, Nylon etc…) and that Synthetic fibers made of polymers. These are man made materials, but what the ingredients that make the synthetic material is a natural resource.

What is a polymer?

A polymer is is a compound with a extremely long line of molecules a.k.that are bonded together and can be designed to what the creators want it too do. A polymer can be made stretchy, impact resistant, soft etc…

•       Describe at least two types of synthetic materials that are polymers and the natural resources that they come from.

-Hevea brasiliensis, also known as the Rubber Tree creates… well it’s what makes rubber.

-Sheep, They create wool which can be used for clothes and other stuff. They’re natural because they aren’t man-made unless (if possible) GMO.

•       Describe how society uses these two synthetic materials.

Rubber is commonly used used for rubbery things, such as the tires for your cars, Water hoses and Rubber bands.

-Wool was extremely important early on in history because we relied on wool for clothes, especially during the winter, which can also be knitted into a various different kind of things like hats, pants, jackets and socks. We currently also use it for stuffing.


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Slogans for Opium war


China Side:

The Chinese side did not approve of the British selling / smuggling in Opium in their country because it heavily impacted the people and their efficiency when it came to working. The Chinese didn’t like how the opium was effecting their people and so limited trading regulations to an extreme minimum (to the point where the British couldn’t trade anymore).



British side:

They only started the war because of their addiction to tea, but also because their economy was totally devastated because they were trading way too much for their drug (tea). They started smuggling in drugs (opium) which kind of started the Opium war, because the Chinese hated what they were doing to them and the people.