Design Journal #2

The main idea is to create a polymer that can sustain and protect a book from falls and water. It’s extremely obvious to tell that our polymer is targeted for book lovers such as Austin and I. Our polymer is going to be used for books to protect the corners of the book, and make it some what water resistant incase of rain, or incase water has been accidentally spilt by your brother or sister. There are various different colors of polymers that you can use to decorate the protection of your book as well as the different places you can place your polymer. Our group haven’t decided on what polymer we want to use yet, but in my opinion I think that we should use Strecthtastic slime because it’s quite sticky but not too sticky. This way we can use it as a easy to customize cover. Not only that but it can also be used as a book mark. In fact, since the stretch tastic slime can be stretched and broken (and can be easily put back) you can tear off a bit of the main base and use it as a bookmark.


Here is a dried up version of Stretch Tastic Slime. We can’t use it because it turned into a hard piece of rock.