Why is it important to question authority?

Standish calls Hans Fielder the “real idiot” because he never questions anything. Why is it important to question authority?

There are quite a lot of things you can benefit from questioning authority, such as a government or any power. But in this case, Maggot Moon. It’s important because you can learn more about your society or maybe even the secrets it holds, as well as the secrets that people do NOT want you finding out about. To be more exact, we talked about “heroes” in our class. Maggot Moon has the moon man, the person that got his tongue chopped off for asking too many questions but the government still needed his face or else everything would look staged (which it was). You can learn more about your identity, such as your families history. What did they do? How did that impact your life the way it is now? Or what connections did your family have before your entire life went down the drain? It’s important to know who you were or your family history. That’s why I think it’s extremely important to question someones authority. (but in this book, of course.)

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