Conclusion of Maggot moon

the ending of maggot moon with some spoilers.

So, the ending of the book had Standish killed while presenting a “Hoax” sign in the middle of a fake moon launch too the moon. He did this to show the “obstructors” that they shouldn’t give up hope in defeating the mother land and that the entire moon launch was fake. Was I satisfied with the ending of the book? Well… I think that it was a good ending with how Standish in the end, but I think that it would be best if there was a prequel about either Standish’s grandpa life when he was young, or Hectors life before he came to zone seven. Or maybe a sequel about the life of a typical boy that lives in Mother land, or the other characters’ lives. The end of maggot moon brings many opportunities for Sally Gardner to write another book to give either a satisfying conclusion (an actual conclusion) or more questions for the reader.

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