Maggot Moon Thematic statement, Censorship

So… This post is about censorship and how it affects the story.

How does a government control what the people believe or see? The author strongly believes that censorship can impact a society by showing how great their government is and the secrets that are hidden from the people. In page 133 it describes how the people are tricked too show the people that are above zone 7 how great their government is, “Gramps didn’t put his hand up because he knew it was a trick to make it look as if we were all saluting the motherland, and we weren’t.” Or another quote describing the lies too the people, “In the beginning I believed I was involved in a genuine space mission […] This was the greatest hoax in the history of man kind. I asked too many questions and that’s when they silenced me. But they still needed my face.” (197) The government silenced the moon man because he was asking too many questions that would eventually compromise the entire moon mission and show the world that it was a hoax.

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