Propaganda Poster + Rationale

Here’s the first assignment we were given. We were required to create a propaganda poster, but we couldn’t make a “vote for xx” sort of poster.



Honestly, it was sort of hard to find a good photo of me that I could use to create a propaganda poster. I’m not good with the creative aspect of english, especially if it’s visual-arts related. This photo was taken last year during APAC. I thought that since everyone seemed happy, and that we were all jumping, I could make a good reference to pop culture or modern day trends that you would sometimes find. I wanted to add other schools that rivals ISB, such as SAS or HKIS, but found that the colour palete would be difficult or hard to look at. That’s why I decided to keep with the yellow. I also drew the sharks, which represents WAB looking up.

2 thoughts on “Propaganda Poster + Rationale”

  1. I can see that your audience for your poster is quite clear and defined, as the only people who would understand the context of the piece (I.E. who/what WAB & ISB is & their relationship with one another) is the reader/spectator that you’re trying to attract.

  2. While I understand and applaud the comedic concept of “the floor is wab”, I struggle to see how these group of people appear amused or even … happy? I see that they are under the influence of “fresh air” and direct sunlight, however, they are also apart of the “string sounds group” which as we all know is the worst fate that could be fallen onto men. Are they faking happiness in the face of destruction? Are they pretending to act neutral even though they are dead inside? Perhaps it would be more clear if “orchestra” didn’t exist.

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