February Blogpost 2

Similar to the previous post, school has been suspended for another indefinite amount of time!

Recently, I’ve picked up a book called “Hyperbole and a half” by Allie Brosh. The book is a combination of silly, entertaining stories along with self-made drawings from Brosh that are so bizzare you’d wonder “Am I really missing out on this?”.  In all honesty, the book is extremely funny. When I was younger, I read plenty of books in the “comedy” genre of literature and never found a moment worth laughing at, which was probably due to the childish nature of those books. Therefore, I was initially hesitant when starting to read the book. Though there is no straight plot, Allie Brosh pictures happenings in her life that are thoroughly entertaining. Although these anecdotes are mostly for comedic purposes, there are also moments where I get to see how someone else takes on the world. A *possible* realistic depiction of depression and sadness. Though I do understand that depression is a complex issue, maintaining and receiving positivity from others is not always a solution. Different individuals have different issues!

I strongly recommend this book. While I’m not sure if this genre appeals to every reader out there, it’s a fun adult adventure that has given a good laugh at every chapter.

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