Monthly Blogpost English Paper 1 Reflection

Just this month, we received a Paper 1 from our teacher. However, I don’t recall if it was a summative or formative test. Given the time gap of being in school, completing this paper 1 was slightly more challenging than previous assessments.

The given topic/subject that we were being assessed on was an article discussing about me too and feminism in our society. It mainly focused a large portion of the article giving a list of consent, and the content was largely directed towards heterosexual males. While the article itself was interesting, I couldn’t help but feel as if it was somewhat off. However, I couldn’t explain it even if i wanted to. As mentioned previously, I did encounter some challenges when working through the entirety of the paper 1. This mainly due to time constraints as well as constant thinking and changing my paper topic and wording. One of the downsides of my completed paper 1 that I turned was that it was done electronically as I had no paper available for use. In all honesty, it was significantly much harder to annotate and type a paper 1 digitally. To put it bluntly, it was annoying.

Although I struggled to complete the paper 1, I am still looking forward to the feedback that my teacher will give. I’m excited to see what I did well and what I can improve on for future tests.



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